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About us

PATEV - About us

PATEV is a DIN – ISO certified systems company for business-based IP services at the intersection of technology and business.

Our approach is to work with you to formulate a custom-fit solution for your tasks. We want to revaluate internal patent work by incorporating top management and all assigned departments. This demands special care and expertise from our employees and partners:

  • we can listen and we want to understand precisely what's important to you.
  • We are glad to work with people. We're only satisfied if you’re satisfied.
  • The success of our projects relies on close, partner-like cooperation with our customers, for success is always a team achievement.

Our employees & partners are experienced engineers and natural scientists with an entrepreneurial background. Challenges motivate us and we regard them as new possibilities for learning.

The professional handling of Big Data from IP and market intelligence is a matter of course to our team. All of our company's business units are led by employees who have comprehensive expertise.

Directors & Officers

Dr. Edelbert Häfele

Managing Director

Christina Koller

Business Intelligence
Dr. Stefan Hofmann

Competitive Intelligence

Associate Partners & Representatives

Dr. Klaus Illgner

Partner IP Strategy

Dr. András Lelkes

Partner IP Strategy

Dr. Barbara
Business Development CH

PATEV history - Our development at a glance

  • 2009 New service ‘Technology transfer and licensing strategy’
  • 2007 Expansion of the range of services with regard to medical technology, pharmaceutical and software technology
  • 2005 PATEV realises the establishment of an extensive knowledgebase for patents that can be sold and licensed and analyses more than 1000 property right portfolios for the first time
  • 2003 Expansion of the service to business, that is, financial assessment of patents and technologies
  • 2001 Establishment of PATEV with the focal point market and competition-oriented technology assessment of patents
  • 2014 Market introduction of ‘Business Based IP Management’
  • 2013 Introduction of the QM system and of ISO 9001 certification
  • 2012 Market introduction of the PATEV service ‘PATGuide’
  • 2011 Consulting services ‘Value-oriented patent management’ and ‘Process quality in patent work’
  • 2020
    • IP Tomography for the identification of "Best Partners / Best Owners" and launch of the "Valuation of R&D Projects"
    • Change of name to PATEV Associates GmbH & Co. KG
    • Support for the "Women's Counselling Centre & Women's Shelter Karlsruhe" during the Covid crisis
  • 2019
    • Development of new tools for customer-oriented, interactive reporting: "Innovation Intelligence"
    • Event with our partner Maiwald in the Allianz Arena on the subject of "Artificial Intelligence"
  • 2018 Reorganisation of PATEV GmbH with 2 pillars "Business Intelligence" and "Competitive Intelligence"
  • 2016 Development of "IP Tomography" for the systematic development of sustainable business from innovation

Maiwald and PATEV
IP management, development and enforcement hand-in-hand

The Maiwald Patentanwaltsgesellschaft and PATEV cooperate in the area of inter-company patent work.

Maiwald is a leading German consulting company in the patent law sector. Approximately 70 patent attorneys and attorneys assist companies extensively with the securing and defence of their intellectual property. Maiwald has won numerous awards for quality and service in consulting. The trade journal ‘Managing Intellectual Property’ regularly lists Maiwald as one of the 10 best German IP law offices.

PATEV - Social responsibility

Beyond sales and profit

As a company which is active both nationally and internationally, we have an obligation to participate in social development. We believe that every person has a right to appreciation, unfolding of personality and a humane standard of life. That’s why we are committed to a more just world, locally and globally.

Our motto is ‘help for self-help’.


Help for self-help with ecological vegetable cultivation
With Abalimi to basic income and quality of life in the township

Abalimi (Xhosa: ‘The cultivator’) is a community organisation which, primarily in the townships east of Capetown has helped several thousand people, the majority of them women, to create and cultivate home gardens and larger community gardens under difficult conditions. The cultivation projects secure a basic income and at the same time ensure sustainable ecological development of the townships.

This is how ABALIMI works:

  • Abalimi offers training for farmers. These include topics such as building healthy soil, composting, producing seed and seedlings, as well as bookkeeping and marketing.
  • Abalimi provides subsidised seed, seedlings and compost in two garden centres
  • Abalimi ensures there is a functioning infrastructure for watering and soil improvement (sandy soil is improved with ‘lasagne beds’)
  • Abalimi enables for the produce which extends beyond one's own needs, market access via ‘Harvest of hope’. The vegetables are purchased, collected and packed as organic vegetables to be sold in well-off parts of Capetown.

Our donations are invested directly (climate compensation) in this ‘vegetable growth’ and/or in trainings and education for the farmers.

The dry weather in summer 2017-18 made the situation worse for ABALIMI's small farmers. The construction of a well in the Moya We Khaya garden in Khayelitsha was planned and supported financially.

At the end of February 2019, the well was finally put into service; it provides sufficient water to sustain the garden, the farmers will soon be able to deliver vegetables for ‘Harvest of hope’ once again.

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