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PATEV – About us

PATEV is a DIN – ISO certified expert house for business based IP services at the interface of technology and business management.

PATEV supports innovative technology companies and consulting firms with its own intelligence solutions for the positioning of technologies regarding NEW Business and NEW Value.

Our customers can work with the PATEV tools – specifically configured for their NEW Business – themselves (“Self-Service Datamart”) and thus quickly and precisely gain transparency about the technologies and markets of the next 3 – 5 years. 

Our approach is to work with you to develop a custom-fit solution for your tasks. In doing so, we stand for an upgrading of the in-house patent work by involving the TOP management and all assigned departments.

 This requires special care and competence from our employees and partners:

  • We can listen and want to understand exactly what is important to you.
  • We enjoy working with people. Only when you are satisfied, we are satisfied.
  • The success of our projects is based on close cooperation with our customers in a spirit of partnership because success is always a team effort.


Our employees & partners are experienced engineers or scientists with an entrepreneurial background. Challenges are a motivation for us and we consider them as new opportunities for learning.

The professional handling of Big Data from IP and Market Intelligence is a matter of course for our team.


Directors & Officers

Dr. Edelbert Häfele

Managing Director


PATEV History – Our development at a glance


With us, you are in the best company: With a network of selected collaboration partners, we bundle competencies and achieve a holistic added value for our customers.

CRESCAT UND PATEV Neue Perspektiven in der Unternehmensfinanzierung

Durch die Zusammenarbeit werden fachliche Kompetenz und langjährige Erfahrungen sowohl von PATEV als Expertenhaus für Patent- und Markenbewertungen und Intellectual Property (IP)-Strategie als auch von dem Corporate Finance Unternehmen CRESCAT gebündelt, um alternative Wege bei der Strukturierung von Finanzierung und für Unternehmenstransaktionen (Best Owner M&A) aufzuzeigen.

CRESCAT verfügt über ein umfangreiches Netzwerk zu unternehmerischen Investoren, die eine Alternative zur Finanzierung durch Kreditinstitute darstellen – wie unter Anderem ausgewählte Kreditfunds, Family Offices und langfristig agierende Eigenkapitalinvestoren

PATEV – Social responsibility

Beyond sales and profit

As a company which is active both nationally and internationally, we have an obligation to participate in social development. We believe that every person has a right to appreciation, unfolding of personality and a humane standard of life. That’s why we are committed to a more just world, locally and globally.

Our motto is ‘help for self-help’.

Help for self-help with ecological vegetable cultivation With Abalimi to basic income and quality of life in the township

Abalimi (Xhosa: ‘The cultivator’) is a community organisation which, primarily in the townships east of Capetown has helped several thousand people, the majority of them women, to create and cultivate home gardens and larger community gardens under difficult conditions. The cultivation projects secure a basic income and at the same time ensure sustainable ecological development of the townships.

Garten und Wasserleitung

This is how ABALIMI works:

  • Abalimi offers training for farmers. These include topics such as building healthy soil, composting, producing seed and seedlings, as well as bookkeeping and marketing.
  • Abalimi provides subsidised seed, seedlings and compost in two garden centres
  • Abalimi ensures there is a functioning infrastructure for watering and soil improvement (sandy soil is improved with ‘lasagne beds’)
  • Abalimi enables for the produce which extends beyond one’s own needs, market access via ‘Harvest of hope’. The vegetables are purchased, collected and packed as organic vegetables to be sold in well-off parts of Capetown.

Our donations are invested directly (climate compensation) in this ‘vegetable growth’ and/or in trainings and education for the farmers.

The dry weather in summer 2017-18 made the situation worse for ABALIMI’s small farmers. The construction of a well in the Moya We Khaya garden in Khayelitsha was planned and supported financially.

At the end of February 2019, the well was finally put into service; it provides sufficient water to sustain the garden, the farmers will soon be able to deliver vegetables for ‘Harvest of hope’ once again.