Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning – You develop. We locate, protect and defend your intellectual property.

It is a special pleasure to invite you to our joint, free Web Seminar “Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning – You develop. We locate, protect and defend your intellectual property” by MAIWALD, RIN Patent International and PATEV Associates.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and neural networks are on everyone’s lips. At the latest since the Corona pandemic, digitalization is picking up speed and with the emergence of new technologies, the question of intellectual property protection usually also determines sustainable success or failure.

In our web seminar, benefit from the unique symbiosis of the German patent and law firm MAIWALD, the Japanese patent law firm RIN Patent International and the experts for business-based IP services of PATEV Associates GmbH & Co. KG. With our joint expertise in the field of digital technology and AI, we will provide you with an overview of

• content and meaning of frequently used buzzwords,
• opportunities and challenges of digital business models in established industries,
• economic and patent protection of your digital solutions,
all clearly explained using relevant practical examples from AI technology in German, European and Japanese case law.

Take the opportunity to develop digital business models and technologies and have your innovations protected – catch up with the pioneers!

Target audience

The web seminar is aimed at both executives and employees from the IP area or the R&D department. Our experienced speakers will present the various topics in a practical and entertaining way and will of course be available to answer your questions.


Part 1 – 15 min.
PATEV | Dr. Klaus Illgner and Dr. Stefan Hofmann
Introduction to digitalization and AI in new business models – new opportunities and new challenges in established industries (incl. show case analysis).

Part 2 – 15 min.
MAIWALD | Dr. Christian Pioch
Challenges in and solutions for patent filing for digital and AI based innovations – focus on German and European patent law.

Part 3 – 15 min.
RIN Patent | Satoshi Nazuka
Specifics and peculiarities of patent filing for digital innovations /AI based on real cases – focus on Japanese patent law / litigation.

Q&A – 15 mins.


As an Associate Partner at PATEV, Dr.-Ing. Klaus Illgner supports companies especially through the experience from his activities in R&D and his diverse knowledge in the areas of chip integration, telecommunications, IT, digital audio-visual media, software development and digital signal processing.

As head of IP Competitive Intelligence at PATEV, Dr. Stefan Hofmann is the leading mind in the efficient use of available knowledge about technology and competition for sustainable value creation in the company.

As a partner at Maiwald, Dr. Christian Pioch advises and supports companies in prosecuting IP applications, litigating patents as well as in opposition, nullity and appeal proceedings. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of AI, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, data security and autonomous driving.

As a founder and president of RIN Patent International and a Japanese patent attorney, Mr. Satoshi Nazuka handles patent prosecutions, oppositions, invalidation trials, and litigations in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and chemical technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI).

We are pleased to welcome you to this Web Seminar. Participation is free of charge.


Nov 18 2021


10:00 - 11:00

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