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Trendpaper Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles

Full speed ahead: The future landscape of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery technology

Trendpaper Autonomous Driving

Full speed ahead: What patents
can tell us about the future
landscape of autonomous driving

Trendpaper Intralogistik 2022 (DE)

Mit Innovation Intelligence am Puls von morgen

Trendpaper Technologische Trends im Maschinenbau analysieren & Innovationen früh schützen (DE)

Am Beispiel 3D Druck

Whitepaper Der Einkauf als Gamechanger (DE)

Der Strategische Einkauf als Schlüsselfunktion für Ihren Unternehmenserfolg

Zweiteilige Artikelserie in weAutomate: KI in der Industrie (DE)

Teil 1: Maschinelles Lernen in der Industrie umsetzen

Zweiteilige Artikelserie in weAutomate: KI in der Industrie (DE)

Teil 2: Wie Patentschutz für künstliche Intelligenz gelingt

Article: Brand Valuation: Monetary brand valuation in financial engineering

We are pleased to announce that our article has been published in The Trademark Lawyer.


The intralogistics technology dashboard was created in cooperation with the Intralogistik-Netzwerk BW to provide intralogistics system providers with an intuitive management dashboard and to offer you real added value with this tool.

It not only enables a technological analysis, but also the recognition and interpretation of important industry developments.

The dashboard is available as a free version (Basic version) and full version (Professional version).

Further information

Free Version

The basic version can be accessed conveniently and easily at any time through your Internet browser and can be used indefinitely. With this version you get a taste of the technology dashboard and its features.

Full Version

In the professional version you unlock the areas of trend analysis and analysis of specific technologies. In addition, you can use other functions such as interactive handling of the dashboard and drill through to view the underlying data.

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Neue Wege in der Unternehmensfinanzierung (DE)

Neue Wege in der Besicherung von Unternehmenskrediten (DE)

Wege der strategischen Unternehmensentwicklung (DE)

Neue Wege in der Generierung werthaltiger IP (DE)

Method: Innovation Intelligence

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