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How proprietary rights contribute to entrepreneurial success
  • How proprietary rights contribute to entrepreneurial success

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Digitalisation of patent-related processes:
How to upgrade to the Digital Patent File

Digitalisation does not only play a key role in product development. It also enables efficient patent management through digital patent files.

Standardised and automated processes allow you to maximise resource efficiency and minimise susceptibility to errors within the patenting process. But what would a quick and smooth transition to a professional system look like?

PATEV supports you in selecting the right solution and sets up the software for you. In addition, we assist you in integrating the relevant processes at your premises.

All IP activities at your fingertips:
Always up-to-date thanks to continuous support in patent management

Complete and up-to-date proprietary rights data form an important basis for the goal-oriented development and composition of your intellectual property portfolio. Our continuous support service in IP administration helps you handle the recurring tasks of patent management.

We keep your database up-to-date and additionally ensure that your patent management processes are optimally supported by a digital infrastructure. This is how we guarantee you access to all relevant data of your intellectual property portfolio at any time at the push of a button.

Patents and products at a glance:
Dynamic, interactive display of patent-product correlations

Find out how and where your products are actually protected by patents. For this purpose, correlations between patents and products or their components must be made visible.

We compile the necessary data in an interactive Business Intelligence environment. Click & View is therefore particularly suitable as a reporting and decision-making tool for management and is essential for controlling and steering your business.

Identification of turnover-significant IP rights:
Clear overview of patent allocation to turnover

Not only when it comes to the inventor’s bonus is it important that you are able to allocate your turnover to the respective products and patents. This information allows you to derive profitability ratios which can serve as a basis for further strategic decisions.

As part of our Click & View solution, we interactively merge patent data and profitability figures. This allows us to create a control instrument that supports you in your decision-making.

Importance of your intellectual property rights for marketing and sales:
Are your managers aware of your unique selling points?

Intellectual property rights also play an important role outside the IP department. If your marketing and sales departments succeed in developing an understanding for protected products and services, your unique selling points and thus your competitive edge can be translated into economic success with added value.

Click & View gives you a clear, easy-to-understand overview of patent data based on a meaningful cross-section of products, benefits and fields of technology. This even helps people with little knowledge of IP rights gain a quick overview of relevant issues.

Current cost control and ongoing forecasting:
Foresighted control of IP-related costs

Intellectual property rights are a significant cost factor for a company. This makes it all the more important that you have a clear understanding of the cost structure and the cost drivers of your portfolio.

The Digital Patent File supports you significantly in structuring and evaluating your IP portfolio.
Here you not only get an overview of current and future cost developments, but you can also use qualitative criteria to evaluate inventions and intellectual property rights.

This helps you optimise your IP portfolio and take advantage of potential savings.

Benchmark your patent portfolio versus others’
– are you taking the step into the digital age?

Your IP portfolio has secured your leading position in the past. However, leadership positions will be redefined in the course of digitalisation:
Can your IP portfolio set itself apart from the competition in terms of digital technologies as well?

The Corporate Benchmark Digitalisation provides you with a detailed overview of the positioning of your proprietary rights in comparison to your competitors by taking the degree of digitalisation into account. An aspect that is indispensable for further competitiveness.

Are you ready for the digital age? Simply request an initial overview - it’s free of charge.

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