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How to stay one step ahead of the competition
  • How to stay one step ahead of the competition

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Know the IP rights of your competitors:
Let PATEV help you manage the flood of information

Your technological competitors keep filing new patent applications. And not only in China has the number of patent applications been steadily increasing. But only if you know what your competition is up to, can you make the right decisions for the future!

You are overwhelmed by all the new information on the fields you are active in. As a result, you might lose track of things and your grip on the market.

However, numerous publicly accessible intellectual property rights contain important information regarding your competitors’ development strategies, new fields of technology and references to future products and their properties.

With PATGuide, we make sure that you always receive the latest and most relevant patent information, without drowning in the flood of information. This allows you to keep track of the patent activities of other companies – with minimal time expenditure.

Become a winner of digitalisation

In the course of digitalisation, the competitive landscape is changing both due to new technologies and new competitors. This means your competitive positioning might no longer be clear. The character of intellectual property rights has also changed significantly.

Our Corporate Benchmark Digitalisation analysis shows whether your patent portfolio still holds a leading position in digital technologies.
It supports you in aligning a future-proof, digital IP strategy.

Are you ready for the digital age? Simply request an initial overview - it’s free of charge.

Recognize collisions in the invention and patenting process
– and circumvent them!

Development time is costly. Especially when reaping the results of your inventions, patenting process and product development is suddenly blocked by your competitors' IP.

With PATGuide, we ensure that you avoid cost-intensive patent conflicts by identifying and averting dangers in good time.

Keep an eye on future competitors and technologies:
Capture the agile competitive landscape!

Your competition is constantly evolving. New companies are penetrating the market and well-known enterprises are expanding their technological portfolio.
PATGuide allows us to regularly analyse the latest developments in your technology fields, so you can keep an eye on your competition. The PATGuide results are also output in graphical reports for management

Become aware of the future trends in technology and
– initiate innovation!

Only if you are aware of the future developments in your field, can you lay the foundation for future-proof products.

Innovation Foresight by PATEV keeps you up-to-date on the latest news about science, expert groups, conferences and opinion leaders, even before the first patents on the subject are published.

It provides you with a regular insight into brand new topics and developments in your field. Innovation Foresight keeps you well informed about your competitors’ innovation agendas.

Speed up invention through quick online searches
– Patent search made easy!

Whether a technical invention has been patented or could be patented can be determined via an immediate patent search. Here a comparison with current state-of-the art developments is decisive.
Based on your invention description, our Free Search engine finds similar intellectual property rights at the push of a button and provides you a with a quick overview.

Should you require more in-depth research later on, we can use our FTO statements or IP Tomography to conduct expert analyses upon which you can build your next steps.

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