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IP Value & Transfer

IP valuation:
Economic value of patents, trademarks and know-how

Innovative companies often own intellectual property - for example trademarks, patents and know-how. However, the value of this is often underestimated. At PATEV we know just how valuable these intangible assets are from our many years of expert practice for numerous companies, financing partners, auditors and others. But studies by renowned auditing firms also show unanimous agreement:

The share of goodwill, including intangible assets such as trademarks and patents, accounts for between 30 and 70 percent of the company value, depending on the industry.

Our IP valuation reports provide clarity regarding the monetary value of your intellectual property according to objective and transparent standards. With often more than 30%, trademarks and patents can make a significant contribution to the overall value.

Our valuation reports always comply with the relevant standards to be considered, such as DIN-ISO standards, the standards of the Institute of German Auditors (IDW) as well as the specifications of the commercial and investment banks involved.

In the following scenarios it is especially important to know about the economic value of intellecutal property:

  • Identification and implementation of new financing structures for companies
  • Identification and implementation of additional financing structures (e.g., as collateral) for financing institutions (only available in German)
  • in relevant special situation (e.g. restructuring) especially also for laywers and consultants in the respective area

R&D Valuation - Prioritize, Start, Stop:
Fact-based decision making reliability in project planning

PATEV determines the economic value of R&D projects on the basis of recognized and advanced auditing methods*.

The independent risk and opportunity adjusted evaluation of R&D projects helps to answer questions that are as simple as they are fundamentally important in budget planning:

  • Which R&D projects are worth much more than they cost and should be started / followed up?
  • Which R&D projects are not worth their money and should be stopped / not initiated?

In this context, the decision making process for R&D projects is decisively enhanced by the raNPV (risk-adjusted NPV) developed by PATEV to include comprehensible relevant technology and competition aspects. In this way you can unerringly and profitably draw on your company's innovative strength and avoid costly duplicate developments, misinvestments and patent infringement risks.


* Cooper et al. 1999; Killen, Hunt & Kleinschmidt, 2008; KPMG, 2014

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