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How innovation can boost your success
  • How innovation can boost your success

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Increase company value with valuable basic IP rights:
Market-oriented generation of IP rights ‘IP-on-Demand’

Property rights play a decisive role in securing market positioning and in maintaining or building a competitive edge. It is therefore important that valuable basic intellectual property rights are generated for the company at a much earlier stage than in the course of R&D projects.

Taking into account future market requirements and customer benefit, we establish a holistic, cross-departmental corporate process for your Business Based IP Management. In several workshops, we help you generate valuable intellectual property rights that you will need in five to ten years' time.

Protect your new developments in good time

Market-targeted patent applications effectively set your business apart from the competition. Only valuable intellectual property rights will help you – particularly in the context of digitalisation – to sustainably establish and/or expand your market position.
It goes without saying that the core competencies and strategic orientation of your business must be taken into account as well.

Our IP Engineering offer includes workshops and patent analyses that help you identify inventions that need intellectual property protection and enable you to formulate concrete descriptions.This allows you to build your IP portfolio in a goal-oriented manner and save costs in the subsequent patenting process.

Don’t react to trends, take action to shape them!

Control tomorrow’s innovation efforts:
Choose the right IP strategy based on a comprehensive competition analysis

Avoid the costly development of technologies that already are intensively protected. Instead, secure your own innovations where there is still sufficient leeway (white spots). This allows you to take advantage of your opportunities and avoid costly infringement conflicts at an early stage.

Our IP Tomography offer includes examining your specific competitive environment in the technological IP field based on a detailed and feature-related competition analysis. This allows us to create a sound basis for decision-making regarding the optimisation of your patenting and development activities (Competitive Intelligence).

Benefit from the right partnership:
Best Owner / Best Buyer / Best Partner

When companies complement each other in the right areas, synergies are created that are powerful. If strong companies can profit from your technology, then the foundation for a mutually lucrative partnership is laid.

We identify with you

  • the best possible license partners,
  • the right strategic investors,
  • the appropriate company or technology buyers

and thus optimize the results of M&A or licensing projects - cross-industry and worldwide.

Deploy a holistic IP concept:
Analyse – Generate – Monitor. Secure the future of your company

Innovation alone does not secure your business strategy. It forms the basis of a systematic value creation process.

To build on that, we have developed a value creation model, our ‘PATEV 3-step model’. It helps us secure your long-term competitiveness in the market by generating and monitoring protected innovations:

  1. IP Tomography: professional analysis of the competitive environment
  2. IP Engineering: targeted IP generation
  3. PATGuide: continuous monitoring of competitors
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