Mastering your specific challenges with PATEV Innovation Intelligence

Innovative strength alone does not ensure corporate success – just as smart analysis tools do not automatically generate added value for the business strategy. That’s why we build a customized technology database, edited and moderated for our customers’ goals.

Decision making for your NEW business with confidence:

Identify new technologies for your markets?

Identify new markets for your technologies?

Entscheidungen in VIER Aufgabenfeldern:


Did you know that over 80% of the world’s knowledge about technologies and their application is found in patent literature? PATEV transforms this valuable Big Data source into Right Data, in English, regardless of the source language. PATEV Innovation Intelligence delivers much more than “just another patent tool” with colorful charts. We define the goal and task in a joint assessment and develop an individual and interactive Innovation Intelligence Dashboard. Custom made for your topics and projects, experts and managers can easily use this tool. With the right answers to the important questions about technological competencies and activities.


Are you excited?

We would be happy to show you the potential of our Innovation Intelligence using selected examples or to prepare a non-binding initial analysis for your project.



Are you looking for the best match for the sale or acquisition of a company?

  1. Which companies are the best technological fit and in which countries are they located?
  2. Which positioning in the global technological benchmark do the companies have?
  3. Which specific technological competence complement each other particularly well?

NEW Supplier

Are you looking for new suppliers for products or technologies via strategic purchasing?

  1. Which companies meet your requirements for technological competence profile of a NEW Supplier (worldwide or in specific countries)?
  2. What specific technological solution features did these companies develop?
  3. Does the analysis provide companies outside the technological field that can be built up as new suppliers?

NEW Technology

What do customers want and what are the (new) needs of the industry? Are regional characteristics relevant?

  1. Which companies are international leaders in future technologies in the defined new business topic area – and are there new competitors from the digital environment?
  2. What are the TOP solution building blocks and technologies for the defined new business topic area – and which competitors will be technology leaders in the next 2 to 5 years?
  3. How is your own company positioned in an international comparison? Where exactly could you still protect technologies and thus generate sustainable added value?

NEW Experts

You are looking for personnel reinforcement for your New Business and want to specifically identify and address experts with high know-how?

  1. Who are the TOP experts in new business core technologies?
  2. Which of these experts are currently working in Germany, Europe or the USA?
  3. How does the technological track record of these experts look like?

The unique tool PATEV Innovation Intelligence

Edited and moderated database - custom-made and ready2use

Intuitive use - without previous knowledge in handling patent data

Highly flexible evaluations for individual questions

Expert support for interpretation & utilization of the results

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Die Wertschöpfung

Bei Bedarf unterstützen wir unsere Kunden auch dabei, aus den gewonnenen Analyse-Ergebnissen Mehrwerte zu generieren: Unter anderem identifizieren unsere Experten gemeinsam mit der F&E-Abteilung schutzrechtsrelevante Erfindungen, bauen frühzeitig Basisschutzrechte auf und formulieren konkrete Beschreibungen – für eine lukrative Entwicklungsroadmap und eine zukunftsorientierte Positionierung.

Mit unserem breiten Netzwerk renommierter Partner bieten wir modulare und ganzheitliche Konzepte: Full Service von der Innovation-Intelligence-Analyse über den Invention Workshop bis zum marktreifen Produkt. Sie entscheiden, welche Schritte Sie mit uns gehen möchten.

Further information

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Patents in the pharmaceutical industry (German-language publication)

We are pleased to announce the publication of our two-part article series on “Patents and Biomarkers” in the journal “LABORPRAXIS”. In the series of articles, you will learn more about biomarkers and the role played here by economic efficiency. Based on the practical case study of our customer, Sciomics GmbH, you will also learn how important patent data analysis is in order to hold one’s own in a highly competitive field such as this.

AI in Industry

We are pleased to announce that our two-part article series on “AI in Industry” in cooperation with Maiwald Patentanwalts- und Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH has been published in weAutomate.

Under “Resources” you will find all of our publications around Innovation Intelligence to download.