New Value

Added value through the economic use of brands, patents & know-how

Innovative companies own patents, brands, and know-how – but the value of this intellectual property is often underestimated. Our PATEV experts valuate intangible assets and help to use these values as a tradable resource, for example as a financing instrument or as part of corporate transactions.

Intellectual property as a strategic asset: We show you how!

Expert Opinion

Did you know that patents and other intangible assets account for 30 to 70 % of the company value? We determine the value of trademarks, patents, and know-how according to national and international standards and prepare an independent expert opinion, always in close consultation with legal and tax advisors. This allows our clients to make invisible capital visible and use it in a wide variety of scenarios.

We will support you in developing individual solutions for Technology & Brand Valuation.

Typical scenarios are:

Raising capital

Securing debt financing, for example when entering new markets or for fixed asset investments, but also for restructuring or liquidation.

Transfer & Utilization

Determination of the "fair value" and confirmation of the technological leadership claim as a valid basis for negotiations for licensing, acquisitions & sales as well as participations / M&A.

Transfer pricing

Economic security in tax aspects of the use of intellectual property rights - especially in the international trade of goods, also between affiliated companies.


Certified quality, taking (inter)national standards into account

> 20 years of experience in expert opinions

Large network of renowned partners

Resilient, global benchmark through Innovation Intelligence

From New Value to New Business

We go one step further: With the help of Innovation Intelligence, we develop systematic new business strategies if required. Whether “Best Partner” or “Best Owner”, we find the best technological match!

What is the worth of your intellectual property?

We will be happy to explain the potential of brand and technology valuation and develop profitable strategies for your company.

Further information

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Patents in the pharmaceutical industry (German-language publication)

We are pleased to announce the publication of our two-part article series on “Patents and Biomarkers” in the journal “LABORPRAXIS”. In the series of articles, you will learn more about biomarkers and the role played here by economic efficiency. Based on the practical case study of our customer, Sciomics GmbH, you will also learn how important patent data analysis is in order to hold one’s own in a highly competitive field such as this.

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