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How you can leverage valuable patents and trademarks
  • How you can leverage valuable patents and trademarks

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Interested in purchasing or exploiting / licensing intellectual property rights and know-how?
With the so-called ‘fair value’ you will make the deal

Negotiations with the licensee or buyer of the IP rights are based on a detailed patent / trademark valuation .

By determining the fair value, a squandering of property rights is avoided. This will also show you the common payment options. 

Interested in reorganising enterprises?
By creating legally independent companies, you achieve transparency and flexibility

The IP valuation report reviews and assesses each company separately – a decisive advantage, as the respective intellectual property rights can be allocated and evaluated separately.

This process is conducted in close cooperation with the company's legal and tax advisors.

Interested in buying shares of or acquiring a company (M&A)?
Transparency in terms of risks & opportunities is the key

The patent / trademark valuation report contains a precise description of the company-based technologies and markets, which are protected by relevant IP rights in order to retain their value in the future.

In this context, an economic value is determined which is largely based on a comparison with global competition. The aim is to protect the investor from a valuation that may be too high.

After completion of the transaction, the determined value also serves as the basis for tax allocation of the assets (purchase price allocation).

Interested in selling a company?
This is how you can disclose hidden reserves

By determining the economic value of existing IP rights, the hidden reserves of the company are disclosed. This contributes significantly to the valuation of the company.

The IP valuation report also compares the company's technologies with those of its competitors on a global basis, which helps underline the company's claim to technological leadership.

Looking for funding options for your company?
This is how you can use hidden reserves as collateral and protect your equity capital.

Hidden reserves can be used economically to secure debt financing with banks or financing models similar to leasing. 

A patent valuation / brand valuation determines the economic value of the IP rights. In addition, the report highlights the company's claim to technological leadership by comparing its technologies with those of global competitors.

Working on your company’s balance sheet and annual financial statements?
This is how you can improve your equity position

German Accounting Law Modernisation Act (BilMoG) now offers many possibilities, including the capitalisation of hidden reserves. The prerequisite for this is an expert evaluation that fulfils the legal framework conditions.

The economic value determined by the patent valuation / brand valuation ensures an improved equity positioning of the company.

Interested in transfer pricing?
This is how you maintain a high level of security in international exchange of goods between associated companies

The IP valuation report generates economic security in terms of tax law. This is of particular importance in the international movement of goods.

The associated use of property rights and their value is the basis for determining the correct transfer prices, which must comply with the arm's length principle.

Planning to set up a business?
Contribution in kind recognised as equity

Patent valuation can play a significant role when establishing a new company. The detailed competitive comparison reveals the company’s future viability in the global, technological environment.

The documented economic value can be used in the context of non-cash formation or capital substitute, when setting up a new business.

Interested in ascertaining damages in patent litigation?
The basis for a settlement in court or out-of-court

In case of a patent infringement by a third party, the IP owner’s claim is determined by an IP valuation report.

Conversely, the valuation report serves as a good indicator for anticipatory provisions, if the infringement of third-party IP rights is suspected.

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